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How Do You Seal Granite?

How Do You Seal Granite?

Sealing granite can be a DIY project. Typically, you (or a professional) will want to reseal your granite countertops yearly. But there is an easy test to make sure the existing seal has faded enough to require a new one. Just pour a handful of puddles (somewhere between 2-3” in diameter) of simple water around a few places on the countertops. Let it sit for fifteen minutes to a half-hour and then come back and inspect those spots. If a dark ring has formed around it or the water appears to have seeped into the stone, then it’s time to reseal your granite countertops. If none has appeared, you’re good to go a little longer before resealing them.

Once you’ve tested your granite countertops and confirmed that they need to be resealed, the first step is to clean them thoroughly. Clear everything off the countertops and wipe them down with a dry towel (preferably microfiber to avoid scratching the stone), then give yourself about 24 hours between the time you clean and the time you apply the sealer. You want to avoid using the countertops during this period of time.

First, wash the granite clean with a mix of dish soap and water. Then you can either purchase a product made specifically for this task or mix together 2 Tbs of isopropyl alcohol with 1 Tsp of dish soap in a spray bottle and use this to once again wipe down the countertops. After the countertops are cleaned thoroughly, it’s time to apply the sealant. Whatever sealant you buy, you’ll want to read the label and instructions on the bottle all the way through. You will also want to have a few windows open to ventilate your home and don your favorite pair of rubber gloves. Then, apply a small, but even amount of sealant on a discreet test area of your granite countertops and wait to see how it turns out. The bottle should tell you how long to wait, but typically the range is somewhere between 15-30 minutes.

If the countertops appear to show any discoloration or damage, wipe the area clear of the product and bring in a professional for advice. If it looks good, then you’re good to start the application process for the whole of the countertops. The process is relatively simple. You want to work the sealant in systematically, to ensure you cover every inch of the granite properly. So work in one direction (e.g. top to bottom, left to right). Then, using a microfiber cloth, the best way to work it in is by going in a circular motion, making sure you hit every area well.

The specific product you purchased will tell you how many layers you need to apply, as well as the time you need to wait between coats before the next application. And how long to let the countertops sit before regular, everyday use can resume.