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From Good to Granite

granite countertops wichita ks

Granite is an igneous rock (formed under intense heat/pressure), rich in Quartz & Feldspar. Slabs of Granite are cut from the earth and, over time, are refined into the countertops you see in homes across the country (but most importantly in homes near Wichita or Derby). Granite is typically “busier” than Quartz, and every slab is completely unique. It’s perfect for someone who wants a little pattern with a plain white backsplash or wants that 100% stone that is resistant to heat!

Sealing granite is a must…this helps to avoid stains or discoloring over time. It’s recommended to seal your granite every year (if not more frequently). If you need recommendations near Wichita KS or Derby KS on where to get top-notch stone sealer, let us know. Who knows…if you ask nice enough, maybe we’ll even come and seal it again for you!

For samples or ideas on how to go from “good to Granite”…come check out our showroom near Derby KS, just south of Wichita KS, at 6680 S Oliver St Derby KS 67037. We’d love to help you sort through the look that suits you!