Quartz Countertops Wichita, KS

wichita quartz countertops
Characterized by consistency, Quartz offers a minimal maintenance experience while appealing to a more modern decorator. Famous for its lighter colors and grey or beige veining, Quartz can range from sleek and bright to broody and complex. Comprised of +90% ground Quartz and ~10% resins and polymers, Quartz is man-made. It boasts superior stain and scratch resistance.
Granite Quartzite Quartz Ultra-Compact
Manufactured Natural Natural Engineered Engineered
Composition 100% Stone 100% Stone 90% Ground Quartz; 10% Rasins/Polymer Mix of Glass, Porcelain & Quartz Material
Stain Resistance Requires Sealing Requires Sealing Highly Resistant Stain Proof
Heat Resistance Highly Resistant Highly Resistant Requires Caution Heat Proof
Scratch Resistance Highly Resistant Highly Resistant Highly Resistant Scratch Proof
Chip Resistance Requires Caution Requires Caution Highly Resistant Requires Caution

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