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What Is More Affordable Than Granite?

What Is More Affordable Than Granite?

There is quite a range in how affordable quality granite countertops can cost, so it’s a good idea to get a few quotes before writing it off as too expensive. For that matter, quartz typically will be more expensive but can run cheaper depending on what you’re looking at. There are many alternatives to granite countertops that can fit your budget and look, but they don’t typically have the same luxury, high-end look that comes with granite and quartz. The cheapest options are to consider just painting your countertops (depending on what you currently have); just look for a paint made specifically for that. If you’re replacing or putting new countertops in, though, laminate is typically the cheapest option out there.

Depending on the kitchen’s look, wood or stainless steel countertops can work. People will also put tile countertops in to save on the budget.

The other alternative that can look much like stone without being stone is solid surface countertops. These are acrylic but come in a wide variety of looks and styles. If you’re wanting something more like a stone countertop: concrete, soapstone, and slate can all come cheaper than granite.