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Silestone Quartz

Businesses have a tendency to complicate things…and the countertop industry is no different. You’ve likely heard of Ceasarstone, or Silestone, or Cambria, or Viatera….and you’ve likely asked yourself, “what are these? how are they different from one another?”

It’s a great question. All of these brands are Quartz manufacturers. Because Quartz is engineered, there are several producers of the material…all boasting different colors, finishes, and certainly prices. At Countertop Concepts we’ve installed it all…but typically recommend Silestone or Cambria. Silestone offers a similar range of colors and quality to Cambria, but usually at a lower price point…which is why we’ve seen Silestone become a bigger and bigger part of the Wichita, KS market.

If you’ve got questions about what all of this means, come check out our selection of Silestone or Cambria just south of Wichita, KS in Derby, KS.