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What Is The Best Kitchen Countertop For The Money?

What Is The Best Kitchen Countertop For The Money?

There is not one exact answer that fits for all circumstances. The first is to ask what the situation is that you’re in. Are you looking to sell after the upgrade or enjoy it yourself for the life of the home? What are the standard and luxury countertops for homes in a similar price-range in your market? In terms of value, stone (e.g. granite or quartz countertops) tends to retain its value and be a better return on investment than laminate countertops. At this point, granite is quite popular still, but quartz is on the rise.

Granite is a bit cheaper in some cases, but quartz can be just as affordable. It all depends on styles, finishes, and the aesthetic of the countertops you choose. In any case, it’s best to go ahead and get a quote for both when you’re considering new countertops. Both will last for many years, are extremely durable and resistant to many kinds of damage, and look great in most kitchens.

In terms of popularity of appearance, quartz can come in a wider range than granite, allowing for lighter colors than are often naturally found.