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Why Not To Get Granite Countertops?

Why Not To Get Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are a great option to upgrade from laminate countertops. They are usually a little bit more affordable than quartz, but they have some drawbacks that are leading more and more people to quartz or quartzite countertops. First of all, granite has been declining in popularity among remodelers and home builders of late. Granite is still a viable option, but it has lost some of its appeal as a luxury, high-end upgrade to kitchens. In more middle class homes, it is a good choice, but often seen as a more standard or expected feature of these kitchens.

For resale purposes, quartz might be a better option, depending on the market you’re in. Second, granite requires professional installation and regular, annual resealing. Given the weight of granite and the difficulty of cutting it, it’s usually a professional that will be installing it for you. If you’re trying to save a buck by doing work yourself, this may rule it out as an option.

The other ongoing cost is bringing in a professional to reseal the countertops every year. If this isn’t done, the stone can start to have its brilliance stained or marred and become a giant colony of bacteria. For this reason, some people are attracted more towards the non-porous nature of quartz that requires no resealing and is naturally resistant to bacteria colonizing.