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Why Is Granite Not Popular Anymore?

Why Is Granite Not Popular Anymore?

Granite is still a popular option for kitchens, but it has started to take a second seat to quartz countertops recently. There are a few reasons for this shift in the American markets. The first is that granite went from being relatively rare to just the most high-end, luxury homes to a more common sight in middle-class tract homes.

As it became increasingly popular, its costs dropped, and it became a standard kitchen option from big box stores. And ironically, this made it start to lose popularity as it no longer appeared quite as luxurious an option as before.

That said, it’s still considered a much more desirable option than laminate countertops. Another reason for granite’s decline in popularity has to do with the ever-changing tastes and styles of what’s considered “in”. The highly textured, dark patterns that were so popular with granite have given way to a much lighter, simpler aesthetic of white tones. These simpler patterns in stone are more easily achieved in quartz than in most granites, leading to a decline in granite’s popularity.

There will always be a contingency of people that prefer, even love, granite countertops to all other options.

If you love your granite countertops and aren’t planning on trying to sell anytime soon, then keep what you have!