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Which is better for resale, granite or quartz?

Which is better for resale, granite or quartz?

Both options are likely an improvement in resale value. As with most things, there is no clear answer to all situations. This is due to a number of factors, like what comparable houses in the market have or what the current trend is in that area. What we can say is that granite has been popular for many years now and people love it. They love the natural stone look and its durability of it. Granite does need to be resealed annually, but with that maintenance, the predicted life of the stone can be over 100 years.

Quartz is growing in popularity, with some estimates that 40% of urban homes had quartz countertops in 2022. The reasons for this are that it is incredibly durable and requires almost no maintenance from owners. The other reason for its popularity is that it can be manufactured in a wide variety of styles and looks, which can fit almost any situation.

Estimates range on just how much a new countertop can improve your home’s resale value from 7% all the way to 25% percent. Just how much of an impact new countertops will make depends on a wide variety of factors, but the quality stone will increase the value of your home.