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What type of countertops increase home value?

What type of countertops increase home value?

Home value can jump from a kitchen remodel, especially with the right choice of countertops. They can make or break a prospective homebuyer’s choice to make you an offer. Depending on your situation, you may prefer one type of countertop to another. For example, in luxury homes, granite is still a quite popular choice. Granite is a great countertop: it’s highly resistant to both heat and scratching, on top of looking exquisite. Yet, for many, the price tag associated with it doesn’t fit their project.

For those wanting to increase their home value dramatically on a budget, quartz is a fantastic option. Quartz is rapidly becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Quartz is a composite of mineral chips bound together by resins and polymers. Because it’s manufactured, quality quartz countertops can come in an amazingly wide variety of colors and finishes. It doesn’t require regular resealing like granite countertops.

Yet, quartz is still heat, scratch, chip, and stain resistant. It’s amazingly durable, lasting for decades beautifully if the low maintenance required is routinely done. Because of all these benefits, quartz can be an ideal way of increasing home value with a remodel.