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Installation Matters

Quartz ready for install. Check us out near Wichita, KS.

We see it frequently, I homeowners new countertops are cracked, or they’ve noticed chips in places they hadn’t before, or seams don’t line up right…while some of this is coincidence or a fluke…it can often times be a symptom of a poor install job.

Stone selection can’t be overemphasized, you’ll literally stare at that countertop everyday! But neither can the install team of that countertop. This is a funny industry…on one end of the spectrum you have guys cutting stone with robots, and on the other end you have guys cutting stone with modified circular saws. Getting those countertops in Wichita, KS or the surrounding area can come with a number of installer options…and we hope you’ll choose Countertop Concepts for your install.

We pay extra care as we transfer the stone, limiting the stress we put on it during transit. When we’re on the job, we always spend extra time on those seams…if it doesn’t look right on day 1, it won’t later. It’ll always be snug, perfectly hanging over the edge of those cabinets, and level as can be. And we’re always sure to leave the job cleaner than when we came. If you’re installing Quartz countertops in Wichita, KS, give us a call! Or if you’re installing Granite countertops in Wichita, KS, give us a call!